Handrail Systems

Permanent Freestanding Guardrail

Wherever people work on the roof, you need Guardrail. This cost-effective guardrail is a straightforward solution exceeding all the Health & Safety regulations. And it won't damage your roof or architecture - it looks as good as it sounds.

HSE Compliant

The Permanent Freestanding Guardrail exceeds all HSE regulations, dramatically reducing employee risks.

  • HSE Working at Height regulations compliant
  • Tested to a load of 700 Newtons
  • All fittings fully TUV tested and approved
  • Reduced trip hazard
  • Anti-slip rubber mats for added protection


The modular design makes our Freestanding Guardrail easy to fit and adapt. It's light and easy to erect, with just three main components.

  • Large range of fittings to suit situations
  • Compensates for changing roof level
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Easy to adapt while on-site


It's not just for flat roofs - put the Freestanding Guardrail to work on fire escape routes or around hazardous plant machinery, roof lights or other places where access is required.

  • Cantilevered design means no counterbalance weights
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • Custom designed for your needs

Built to last

There's a reason we call it Permanent Guardrail. Tested under extreme conditions, this system is incredibly tough, durable and abrasion-resistant. Once installed, it's virtually maintenance-free.

  • Fully galvanised BSEN ISO 1461, corrosion-resistant finish on all components
  • Can be coloured using our Powder Coating Permanent Plus Colour solution
  • Permanent, inexpensive solution to roof edge risks

Temporary Freestanding Guardrail

When you need a temporary edge safety system that conforms to all safety standards, yet is very easy to assemble and work with, choose our Temporary Freestanding Guardrail.

HSE Compliant

Our Temporary Freestanding Guardrail exceed all HSE regulations, dramatically reducing employee risks.

  • HSE Working at Height regulations compliant
  • Reduced trip hazard
  • Tested at the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL)

In demand

Specified and spoken for by professionals, to be used on all high level maintenance and roofing contracts.

  • Cost-effective solution that's instantly available for sale or hire
  • Quick and easy to install, saving up to 50% on labour costs
  • No special training is required to put the system together
  • Easy to work around

Flexible & cost effective

The system is suitable for all high level maintenance and re-roofing projects. Once in place, it forms the heart of a system designed to get the job done, and is easy to work around.

  • Avoids any fixing into the buildings structure
  • Accommodates any pitched roof up to 15 degrees
  • Support legs can be raised when working up to a roof edge
  • Counterbalances on the swing arms can be moved allowing easy access
  • Eliminates need for expensive and intrusive ground level scaffolding

Mechanically Fixed Guardrail

Removes all trip Hazards

Mechanical Fix is a permanent solution when it is imperative not to have a trip hazard. Ideal for stairways, loading bays, motorway maintenance and plant protection.

Can also be used at roof level providing the base is adequate to drill into.


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